Matter Experiment

This week we’ve been talking about different types of matter. Today, we wrapped our lesson up with a fun experiment involving root beer floats!! We all had a great time! Ask your child about the experiment and what happened when we poured the root beer (liquid) over the ice cream (solid)!

image1 image2 image5image6image3image4 video

Summer Reading Program

Great job, Summer Readers!! These students participated in the summer reading program and received a t-shirt for being super readers!!


Parents…Wow!! Thank you for all your support! I appreciate your willingness to pitch in and help our classroom. We got a ton of treasure box prizes! We’ll be good for a LONG time now!!

Here’s a peak of our classroom from this week:

img_4210 rocket computers whole-class whole-class1 writers

Build a Vehicle- Part 1

Our challenge for Maker Space this week was to build a vehicle. Look at our end results!

*If your child isn’t pictured, look for them in next weeks post! We don’t have time for everyone to rotate here each week, but we do make sure each child gets to build the task card before it changes.


Nature Walk

Our class took a trip down to our pond today. Our job was to write the things that we were hearing, seeing, smelling, and feeling.  We left out “taste” on purpose! Our 4 senses helped us to create stories in our mind so that we could be better at putting the words on paper!

All of Class Half of Class Jackson and Jace Brooklyn, Cooper Caleigh, Gregory, Jackson Duke and Kenadei

**Reminder: No School on Monday

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that brought supplies for our “Maker Station”!  We appreciate it so much! We go through these supplies quickly, so if you’re wanting to send something–it’s never too late!